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Saša Jokić, New York City-based editor and VFX artist is a long-time Imagineer Systems customer and fan of mocha Pro. Saša recently launched a new post production collaborative called MASSIVE Workshop, Inc, and shared with us his background, his experience in post production,  and what inspires him. Saša also shared some feedback with us on mocha and the new v3 release of mocha Pro.

On Saša Jokić
My name is Saša Jokić and I am creative video editor and V … read more

May 08, 2012

As the in-house graphics department of SVT (the Swedish equivalent of the British BBC) we do everything from high-end visual effects for drama and trailers, to motion graphics branding and daily news graphics. We have a wide range of talents that can do anything from 3D modeling to building video play-out software.


In early 2011 we got a request if we were equipped to do all the visual effects and on-screen graph … read more

Apr 01, 2012

ESPN and Evolve Digital Cinema, a boutique digital creative agency based in Chicago, recently teamed up to tell the story of Norwegian Cross Country Runner Monika Korra. The TV short feature was a long undertaking and was filmed in Norway and Dallas TX, in several stages during the fall in 2011. Post Production began in December 2011 and was finished in Feb 2012.

The story called for some very heavy subject matter. In sh … read more

Mar 06, 2012

We recently sat down with Ralph Scaglione of FLYfx, a visual effects and post production house
located north of Manhattan. The owner/creative director Ralph Scaglione has had a long career in
compositing, beginning in his early 20's first as an online editor at Broadway Video in NYC
where he found his niche in the emerging technologies of the day - Multi channel ADO, Mirage
and Kaleidoscope, where the other editors did … read more

Feb 27, 2012

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