Here are some free extras mocha users might find interesting, organized by host. For more scripts and tools, check out: mochaImport+ for both After Effects and NUKE.


After Effects

Extras for After Effects Users!

Shape to Layers

By www.crgreen.com, this script allows you to unpack masks from a layer and stack them on new layers.

Redefinery Scripts

By www.redefinery.com, this script pack includes Masks to Shapes, Shapes to Masks, parallax nulls, average tracks, and a lot of other useful scripts.



Extras for NUKE Users!

Send to Mocha.

This python script allows you to “send footage” from NUKE to mocha Pro 4.x with the click of a button.

Download the file here: “send_to_mocha_1.0.0” NUKE script.


Please read the README.txt in the zip file for installation instructions and the path to copy to your Nuke init.py script.

When you run Nuke with this script you should see a mocha icon in the lefthand panel. To run the script:

    1. Select a read node in Nuke
    2. Click the mocha icon
    3. If Nuke asks you for the path to your mocha executable, browse to it (this will only be required once and then will be saved to /mocha/mochapath.txt)
    4. The script should then load mocha with the footage.

While this should work on your machine, we can’t guarantee that it will work with everyone’s version of python. Please contact support if you have any questions.



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