Academic and Educational Discounts

May 23, 2014 in mocha Plus,mocha Pro,Purchase

Q. I am a student (faculty or educator). Do you offer discounts?
A. Yes, Imagineer loves to support qualifying students and educational sites with significant discounts non-commercial licenses of mocha Pro. If you do not qualify or simply wish to evaluate mocha Pro, please download the 15 day trial version.

Note: To qualify for edu discount you will need to email proof of current educational status, such as: scanned photo ID, transcript, report card, tuition bill, or relevant document.

Q. Are there restrictions on educational licenses?

Purchasing an educational license means that you are agreeing use the software for non-commercial projects only. Customers who abuse our educational policy will not be supported and run the risk of litigation.

Q. How does the education version differ from commercial? Is it the full version?

The educational version of mocha Pro is fully functional and identical to the commercial version with all modules and export types enabled and no keyframe export restrictions.

Q. Who qualifies for Academic Discounts?

  • High School, University, College students
  • Faculty members and teachers
  • Certified trainers of supported products such as Adobe or Apple Certified Instructors.
  • Non-profit organizations

Note: The school must be accredited and offers degrees requiring not less than the equivalent of two years of full-time study.

Q. I am taking a class at a professional training program (fxphd, Pixel Corp, Lynda, etc) can I get the educational discount?

No. If you are learning mocha as part of a professional training course the edu discount does not apply. Many of these courses are set up with educational vpn licenses and Imagineer often does special promotions to these groups.

Q. What is the upgrade policy when newer versions are released?

A. Point releases are automatically updated without need for a new license. For major version releases, students who still qualify can re-submit their educational status by email for a new coupon code.  Schools who own educational versions can either join the Academic Partner Program on yearly renewal OR submit a new edu upgrade order.

Q. Can I upgrade from an educational license to a commercial license.

A. Yes, if you own a previous edu license, you can qualify for upgrade pricing to future versions.


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