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What is HitFilm?

HitFilm is the visual effects and editing software package designed by FXhome.

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mocha HitFilm

mocha HitFilm is a custom version of Imagineer's planar tracking software mocha optimized to work exclusively with HitFilm 2 Ultimate from FXhome.

mocha HitFilm is bundled with HitFilm Ultimate 2

• Send clips directly to mocha HitFilm for quick and accurate 3D Camera Solving based on the unique Planar Tracking engine.

• Solve 3D camera motion to accurately marry 3D text, models and particles to scenes and objects.

3D Camera Solving: Solve difficult camera motion and moving objects position using the unique Planar Tracking approach from Imagineer Systems.

Requires HitFilm 2 Ultimate. Windows 64 bit only.
More system requirements are found here:
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Getting Started

Getting started with mocha HitFilm requires a basic understanding of mocha's planar tracker. Below you find tuorials covering mocha's 3D camera solver. It is also highly recommended to watch The Fundamentals of mocha training tutorials to fully appreciate and understand mocha's Planar Tracking approach.

Preview: mocha HitFilm (3D Camera Solving)

Intro to mocha HitFilm: Martin Brennand, mocha product Manager walks you through an introduction to mocha HitFilm's interface and workflow for solving camera motion.

Looking for more training?

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