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mocha Pro v3.1

  • Planar Motion Tracking
  • Advanced Roto Tools
  • Automatic Object Removals
  • 3D Camera Solver
  • Image Stabilization
  • Lens Distortion Analysis
  • Available on OS-X, Windows & Linux
mocha Pro v3.1
One program that combines powerful Planar Tracking with tools for Roto, Object Removal, Lens Calibration, Stabilization, 3D Camera Solver and more. mocha Pro integrates with all industry-popular applications and is the ideal post production utility for feature films, broadcast, and finishing. Whether solving tracks and match moves, removing unwanted pixels or cutting roto mattes... mocha Pro dramatically saves time.

mocha v3 Layer Ctrl
Planar Tracker - Honored in 2013 with Science & Engineering Academy Award

Lens: Analyze and calibrate lens distortion. Render or export.

Remove: Faster than clone & paint. Remove unwanted objects, create clean plates.

Roto: Designed for professional roto artists to work more efficiently and share projects.

3D Camera Solve: Built on Planar Tracker, a unique alternative to feature tracking.

Stabilize with Auto-Fill, Insert with Mesh Warper and more. view tech specs

3D Camera Solve

What’s New

• RED (R3D) file support
• Lens Improvements: Export Distortion Maps to AE, Nuke, Flame, Fusion & more.
• Improved Roto: Transform Tool and Join Layers (parent control points).
• Project Management: Organize and group layers. Share and merge projects.
• Dope Sheet: keyframe editor simplifies animation retiming, copy & paste.

Supports Industry Popular Applications

Apple Final Cut & Motion, Adobe After Effects, Avid|DS, Assimilate Scratch, Autodesk Flame & Smoke, Boris FX, Eyeon Fusion, Quantel, Red Giant Warp and Nuke.

Render mattes, inserts, lens undistorts and  removes for any editing or finishing system.


3D Camera Export to: After Effects and FBX (Nuke, Maya, Cinema 4D & more)

v3 new features video

Version 3 Overview Video

Learn the new tools and shortcuts
Watch the video

3D Camera Solve Video

Solve Camera & Moving Objects

Built on Planar Tracking data

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Remove Module video

Go Beyond Paint & Clone

Remove objects without keyframes
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