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mocha v2.6.1

planar tracking & roto utility

"Once introduced to the power of the mocha planar tracker, it is all that I use now."

- Rob Legato, VFX Supervisor


mocha: planar tracking & roto utility

mocha is a stand alone tracking and roto software designed to complement any compositing and finishing environment. mocha's unique planar tracker and streamlined interface allows artists to easily track shots where point trackers fail: shots with noise, shots with motion blur and shots that go offscreen or are obscured.


Why mocha ?

mocha enables artists to quickly and easily solve difficult tracks and export transform, scale, rotation and perspective keyframes to the industry's most popular packages:

After Effects, Final Cut, Flame, Smoke , Avid|DS, Quantel, Fusion, Nuke & more.


With mocha, tracking screen inserts and stabilizing camera jitter has never been easier.


rotoscope with less keyframes

mocha's advanced ability to create accurate roto shapes with less manual keyframing greatly aids vfx and roto artists to be more efficient. Support for Nuke, Fusion, After Effects and more, make mocha v2.6.1 the ideal utility for 2D to 3D conversion projects.


mocha v2.6.1: Improved Nuke export, faster tracking on Windows & more!


Fast & efficient roto uility

Tracked roto shapes follow objects

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mocha quick start video

Simple, intuitive & fast

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Stabilize module

Stabilize & smooth camera jitter

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