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Product & Upgrade FAQ

License questions

Q. How many computers can I install one license on?
If you purchase a nodelocked license, you may install and activate one license on two systems; if one is a desktop and one is a laptop.  If you need to install on 2 desktop systems then either purchase a second license OR a floating license.

For more information on floating licenses, please view our license installation guide.

Q. What is a floating license?
A floating license is a license that can be shared across a networked group of computers. For a single floating license, any 1 computer in the network can run the license at once. For a 3-pack, any 3 systems on the network can run the licenses at once. In the situation when all licenses are being used, further users will get errors on launching the software.

Q. Can I transfer my license? My computer has changed.
A. We do grant licenses transfers due to normal situations such as computer malfunction or hardware upgrade. Contact support to request a license transfer. We do our very best to support users, but please plan for 1 business day turnaround for license transfer requests.

Note: license transfers do not take the place of license purchases. Customers that abuse license transfer privileges may be asked to show proof of hardware failure or refused transfer request.

Upgrade questions

Q. Why do I have to pay for upgrade?
At Imagineer we do our best to provide high quality products and support. Point releases that include bug fixes and known issues are almost always delivered free of charge. For upgrade releases that introduce value added new features, we do charge to support the ongoing development and improvement of our product line.

Q. I already own Imagineer products. Do I qualify for the new upgrade prices?

A. Yes. Customers that own any Imagineer product qualify for upgrade pricing. With the new v3 release, we now offer a tiered upgrade model with prices based on what your current product is. Please see the new upgrade price guide.

Customers with a registered copy of mocha AE bundled with Adobe After Effects CS4 - CS6 OR mocha HitFilm also qualify for upgrade pricing to any Imagineer nodelocked product. Please see the new upgrade price guide.

Q.  I own a nodelocked license but wish to upgrade to a floating license. Is this possible?
A. Yes, there will be an additional charge. Please contact your local reseller or Imagineer sales team.

Q. Can I upgrade from mocha AE to mocha Pro v3?
A. Yes. Customers that own any Imagineer product qualify for upgrade pricing. Please view upgrade guide.

Q. I have an Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription, Can I upgrade?
A. Yes. Customers that subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud can register the bundled mocha AE CC and upgrade to mocha AE v3 or mocha Pro for a reduced upgrade! Please view upgrade guide.

Q. I own HitFilm 2 Ultimate, can I upgrade to mocha AE v3 or mocha Pro v3?
A. Yes. Customers that own a registered copy of mocha HitFilm can upgrade. Please view the upgrade guide.


What product is right For me?

Q. I am not sure the differences between all your products. Which do I choose?

A. We have created a simple chart to view all of our products by feature comparison. Please read the compare products guide to assist your decision.

Quick Guide:

mocha AE v3: planar motion tracking & roto mask creation tools for After Effects users and more.

Includes 3D Camera Solver for After Effects, Lens Module and additional support for Final Cut v7, Apple Motion, Boris FX & HitFilm 2.


mocha Pro v3: planar motion tracking & roto mask creation tools for all users. Including: Nuke, Flame, Smoke, Avid|DS, Assimilate Scratch, eyeon Fusion, Quantel, Final Cut and many more.

Includes advanced modules: Len Distortion, Remove, Insert, Stabilize and 3D Camera Solver. Compliments most industry editing, effects and 3D software.


SliceX powered by mocha: A plug-in for Final Cut X users for tracking and animating masks. Used for isolating color correction, blurs, depth or field and more.


Still confused? Please email our sales team and we will do our best to help. Additionally, you can browse the forums to talk to other mocha users.


mocha Pro

Q.  What is mocha Pro?
A: mocha Pro is a stand alone visual effects software that runs on OS-X, Windows and Linux.
mocha Pro combines advanced roto, motion tracking, object removal, insert, stabilization and 3D camera solve features into a single desktop application. mocha Pro integrates seamlessly with industry-popular vfx applications and is the ideal post production companion software for managing challenging shots and projects. Widely used by compositors, editors, motion designers and colorists, mocha Pro shaves hours off the most labor intensive manual keyframing tasks.

Q. What is new in mocha Pro v3?
A. New features are listed below:
  • New Rotoscoping Tools: Transform Tool and Join Layers.
  • New Layer Management: View, organize, color code, collapse and share mocha layers.
  • Project Management: Easily merge and share projects between artists.
  • 3D Camera Solver: Export to After Effects, Nuke, Maya and Cinema 4D.
  • More Improvements: New Dope Sheet keyframe editor, keyboard shortcuts and more.
Q.  What formats does mocha Pro support? What are the recommended hardware requirements?
A. Please review the mocha Pro technical specs page found here.
mocha Pro product page •   technical specs •   compare products •   upgrade guide


mocha v2 - v2.6

Q.  I do not see mocha (only mocha AE and mocha Pro) listed on your site anymore. What happened to this product?
A: With the version 3 release, we have simplified our product line to the two consistently most popular products: mocha AE and mocha Pro.
Q: I own mocha v2, what are my upgrade options?
A:  There is a tiered upgrade path for all users. Please view the upgrade guide.
If your company is on a valid support contract, the upgrade to v3 is free.  To receive your upgrade license, contact


mocha AE (mocha for After Effects)

Q:  What is the difference between the new mocha AE v3.1 and mocha AE that ships with CS4-CS6 and now Creative Cloud?
A: There are significant features not found in the Adobe bundled mocha AE:
  • 3D Camera Solve Module and 3D track import plug-in for After Effects
  • Lens Module and mocha Lens import plug-in for After Effects
  • Final Cut Pro v7, Apple Motion, Boris FX and HitFilm 2 support
  • Supports all versions of After Effects CS4-CS6 and CC
Imagineer has made it very easy, and affordable for Adobe After Effects owners to upgrade to mocha AE v3 or mocha Pro v3.

Upgrade to mocha AE v3 for $195    purchase now

Upgrade to mocha Pro v3 for $795    purchase now

Q. Why do you still sell mocha AE, when it is bundled with After Effects? Why should I upgrade?

A. The new mocha AE v3 contains many useful features: 3D Camera Solver, Lens, improved roto tools and support for Final Cut, Motion, Boris FX and HitFilm 2.

Note: With the additional Boris FX format, users can import track data into Avid Media Composer, Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere. BCC plug-ins not included.


AE & FCP plug-ins: mocha shape, mocha Lens, mocha 3D track importer

Q. What are mocha shape plug-ins?
A. Imagineer makes mocha shape for After Effects and mocha shape for Final Cut. Both plug-ins function to import and render exported mocha roto layers with-in the host application. mocha shape plug-ins support variable, per-point edge feathering from mocha products.

For example: With mocha shape for Final Cut, an FCP user could import mocha's roto shapes directly to the FCP timeline and render with-in FCP.

Q. Do I have to pay for mocha shape?

A. No. All mocha v3 products are now bundled with mocha shape for After Effects and Final Cut. No additional licenses are necessary.

download mocha shape here more info

Q. What is mocha Lens plug-in?
A. mocha Lens is an After Effects plug-in designed to import mocha's lens distortion calibration into After Effects CS4-CS6. Undistot/Distort is then rendered in the AE composition. mocha Lens is free and requires no license. mocha Lens will pastes data from mocha AE v3.1 and mocha Pro v3.1

download mocha Lens here more info

Q. What is mocha 3D track importer plug-in?
A. mocha 3D track importer is an After Effects plug-in designed to import 3D Camera solved data into After Effects CS4-CS6. 3D Camera and 3D Null support. mocha 3D track importer is free and requires no license.

download mocha 3D track importer here more info


Legacy products: mokey, monet, motor, mocha for Final Cut

Q. I do not see my product listed. Do you still sell it?
A. Imagineer has either discontinued these products or merged all the functionality into the new products. If you own an older product and wish to upgrade to mocha Pro v3 or mocha AE v3, please refer to the upgrade guide. If your product is not on that list, please contact team for a custom upgrade quote.


Quantel TrackImport and Quantel Warper

Q. I do not see the Quantel plug-ins, do you still sell them?
A. We have renamed our tracking import plug-in for generation Q products: mocha track for Quantel. This new plug-in is created to import mocha tracking data into Quantel products and now supports Quantel v4.2.

mocha track for Quantel is available free to all users

download mocha track for Quantel

The Quantel Warper plug-in has been discontinued due to product interest. mocha Pro has a mesh warper found in the insert module.


Academic and Educational Discounts

Q. I am a student (faculty or educator). Do you offer discounts?
A. Yes, Imagineer loves to support qualifying students and educational sites with significant discounts non-commercial licenses of mocha Pro. If you do not qualify or simply wish to evaluate mocha Pro, please download the 15 day trial version.


Note: To qualify for edu discount you will need to email proof of current educational status, such as: scanned photo ID, transcript, report card, tuition bill, or relevant document.


Q. Are there restrictions on educational licenses?

Purchasing an educational license means that you are agreeing use the software for non-commercial projects only. Customers who abuse our educational policy will not be supported and run the risk of litigation.


Q. How does the education version differ from commercial? Is it the full version?

The educational version of mocha Pro is fully functional and identical to the commercial version with all modules and export types enabled and no keyframe export restrictions.


Q. Who qualifies for Academic Discounts?

  • High School, University, College students
  • Faculty members and teachers
  • Certified trainers of supported products such as Adobe or Apple Certified Instructors.
  • Non-profit organizations
Note: The school must be accredited and offers degrees requiring not less than the equivalent of two years of full-time study.


Q. I am taking a class at a professional training program (fxphd, Pixel Corp, Lynda, etc) can I get the educational discount?

No. If you are learning mocha as part of a professional training course the edu discount does not apply. Many of these courses are set up with educational vpn licenses and Imagineer often does special promotions to these groups.


Q. What is the upgrade policy when newer versions are released?

A. Point releases are automatically updated without need for a new license. For major version releases, students who still qualify can re-submit their educational status by email for a new coupon code.  Schools who own educational versions can either join the Academic Partner Program on yearly renewal OR submit a new edu upgrade order.


Q. Can I upgrade from an educational license to a commercial license.

A. Yes, if you own a previous edu license, you can qualify for upgrade pricing to future versions.


Site Licenses

Q. Do you offer site license discounts?
A. Yes, beyond the 3 and 5 pack licenses found in our webshop, we offer discounts for larger installations.
Please contact


Planar tracker SDK and Technology Licensing

Q. My company has proprietary tools and are interested in implementing your planar tracker.
A. Imagineer does offer a Planar Tracker software developers kit as well as custom development and engineering services. Please contact our our sales team to discuss your needs.


Support & Maintenance Contracts

Q. Can you tell me about your optional support & maintenance contracts?
A. Imagineer offers 1 year support & maintenance contracts for customers that wish to insure they are always running the latest version or need guaranteed response time for customer support & technical issues.

1 year support contracts include:
Free upgrades to major releases
Minimum 1 business day response for all technical support cases.

Support contracts must be made at time of license purchase or upgrade and must be continuous renewal.

For more information, please contact or your local reseller.
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