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“All the stuff that seemed to be such a huge undertaking was made so remarkably simple thanks to mocha.”

- Rob Legato, Oscar-Winning VFX Supervisor

mocha Pro is the intelligent Planar Tracking utility for post production and visual effects professionals that combines advanced roto, motion tracking, lens analysis, object removal, insert compositing, stabilization and 3D camera solve features into a single desktop application.

mocha Pro integrates seamlessly with industry-popular editing, compositing, and animation applications and is the ideal post production companion software for managing challenging shots and projects. Widely used by visual effects artists, editors, motion designers and colorists, mocha Pro shaves hours off the most labor intensive keyframing tasks.

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mocha AE is a stand alone Planar Tracking and rotoscoping utility optimized for After Effects, Apple Final Cut Pro and Motion users. The advanced mask creation tools, simple user interface and copy/paste exchange with AE helps take the complications out of motion tracking and reduces keyframing headaches.

A bundled version of mocha AE is included with Adobe After Effects CS4-CS6. mocha AE v3.1 is the newest version and adds advanced features and support not contained in the Adobe release, including:

• 3D Camera Solver for After Effects & HitFilm

• Lens Module for calibrating lens distorted footage

• New Roto Tools: Bounding Box and Join Layers

• Added support for Final Cut Pro, Apple Motion, Boris FX & HitFilm

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