Julian Dempsey, Illoura

June 17, 2014 in

“Imagineer System’s product manager, Martin Brennand was incredibly prompt in replying to any questions regarding certain issues that we’d come across in daily use of mocha, and was always open to suggestions for future improvements in updates to the software. This personal touch, always makes it a pleasure to interact with Imagineer whenever the need arises.”

mocha really came into its own for certain roto tasks, when we had certain foreground actors who were occupying most of the frame, and we needed to separate them from the plate to integrate any CG atmosphere or set extensions. mocha was brilliant in picking up the subtle body movements in the planar track phase, thus making the finished roto much more accurate than if it was done manually – all with a simple 1 point 2D track. It’s situations like these when mocha can really surprise.”

- Julian Dempsey, VFX Supervisor, Illoura

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