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Coming Soon: mocha v3
Target Release Date: April 15, 2012

• Customer that purchases mocha AE or mocha Pro between March 15-April 15, 2012 will receive a free upgrade to version 3.

• All customers on valid support & maintenance contracts will receive free upgrade to version 3.

Please contact if you have any questions.


What’s New in Version 3
Imagineer Systems has worked closely with its customers to improve its family of intelligent Planar Tracking utilities. All mocha v3 products have been updated to add new features and improve core areas for customers: from large facilities that require advanced layer management tools for film effects and roto pipelines, to creative boutiques and artists who’ve been asking for true 3D camera support for years. Among the new developments in v3 are:

• New Rotoscoping Tools:
Bounding Box and Join Layers designed to create and edit roto masks more efficiently;

• New Layer Management:
View, organize, color code and collapse mocha layers. Increase artists productivity;

• Project Management:
Easily merge and share projects between artists for large scale roto and vfx pipelines;

• 3D Camera Solver:
The advanced Planar Tracker now includes 3D camera tracking for After Effects and FBX formats. (FBX support only included with mocha Pro);

• Dopesheet: New keyframe layout for adjusting timing and animation;

• Even More Improvements:
Keyboard shortcuts and interface improvements enhance the entire Planar Tracking-based workflow for tracking, roto and removal.


Q. What is the difference between mocha AE that is bundled with Adobe After Effects and mocha AE v3?
A. mocha AE CS5.5 is tracking & roto for After Effects only. mocha AE v3 will have new 3D camera Solver, new Roto tools improvements, new Dopesheet and added support for Final Cut v7, Apple Motion and Boris FX.

Q. I own mocha Pro v2.5 (or mocha AE v2.5), how much will the upgrade be to version 3?
A. Prices will be announced on April 15, 2012. There will be a tiered upgrade model to reward early adopters and current owners with discounted upgrade.

Q. Is the v3 update a free upgrade?
A. No. Version 3 of mocha products represents 1.5 years of engineering and research . We believe the new features will be well worth the upgrade cost!

Please contact if you have any questions.


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