mocha Pro for Nuke Plug-in Overview

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The mocha Pro 5 plug-in option runs inside The Foundry’s NUKE bringing increased efficiencies to VFX pipelines. Now, mocha’s powerful and popular planar tracking, roto and object removal tools are available as an integrated OFX plug-in for NUKE, Fusion & Vegas Pro.

mocha Pro 5 features:
GPU accelerated planar tracking
Advanced roto tools
Object Removal & clean plating
Lens correction
Stabilization & Smoothing
Insert Module w/Mesh Grid Warp

mocha Pro v5.2 for OFX now supports floating license options for teams!

Day for Night Conversion with Adobe AE, mocha Pro, & Sapphire 10

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Product Specialist Mary Poplin shows how the mocha Pro plug-in inside Adobe After Effects and the new Sapphire 10 plug-ins from GenArts (now part of the Boris FX family) can be used together to create a day for night conversion. Covers: sky replacement, color correction, creating stylized looks with Sapphire 10′s new effects including Luna, Sapphire Builder, Lens Flares, and more.

360/VR Stabilization Techniques for Adobe Users

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When 360/VR footage is shot with a moving camera, a common challenge is “stabilizing the horizon”. When viewed through a VR headset, jitter and warped 360 footage can be difficult to watch.

In this new tutorial, mocha Pro specialist, Mary Poplin shows Adobe CC users some useful techniques for stabilizing the horizon in After Effects & Premiere Pro driven by mocha’s powerful planar tracking.

This in-depth tutorial also features plug-ins from and a preview of mocha VR!

mocha VR is being developed as a plug-in for Adobe, Avid and OFX hosts such as NUKE.

mocha Pro 5 QuickTip for AE: Work Around Clipboard Pasting Issues

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In this (very) short video, Product Manager Martin Brennand shows you how to work around a clipboard limitation in Adobe After Effects CC when using the new mocha Pro 5 Plug-in.

After copying your tracking data to the clipboard, simply ALT + TAB (Windows) or CMD + TAB (Mac) to refresh the clipboard so you can paste planar tracking data to a new layer.

Adobe will be fixing this in a future CC release.

YAKSERIES: Compositing avec Mocha Pro OFX plugin et Fusion Studio

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Dans ce nouveau tutoriel, nous allons explorer les possibilités offertes par le nouveau plugin Mocha Pro pour les logiciels supportant la norme OFX comme Nuke et Fusion Studio. En effet dans ce projet nous verrons comment utiliser le plugin Mocha Pro de différentes manières avec Fusion Studio de Blackmagic Design, le tout dans la même composition. Que ce soit pour appliquer un mouvement ou générer différents types de masques. nous verrons ainsi l’utilité des arborescences nodales qui permettent d’utiliser et de combiner facilement les différents effets.

Pour rappel, seule la version payante de Fusion, “Fusion Studio”, permet d’utiliser des plugins OFX, qu’il faut acheter en plus de Fusion. Mocha Pro OFX Plugin est donc compatible avec les logiciels Nuke de the Foundry et Fusion Studio de Blackmagic Design et est disponible sur le site d’imagineer Systems.

Review: mocha Pro 5 plug-in for Adobe

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Get an in-depth review of the new mocha Pro 5 plug-in for Adobe from popular YouTube Trainer Tobias Gleissenberger of Surfaced Studio. Discover how you can now use mocha’s time-saving features directly inside Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro.

Watch more tutorials from Surfaced Studio

mocha Pro 5 Plug-in for Avid: Multi-Planar Remove

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Finishing artist Dan Harvey shows how to do a complex, multi-planar Remove using the mocha Pro 5 Plug-in for Avid. Quickly learn the ins-and-outs of the Remove Tool including layer order, complex planar tracking, and 3D compensation.

mocha Pro 5 Plug-in for Avid: Set Dressing with Remove and Insert

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In this short tutorial, finishing artist Dan Harvey shows you how to create convincing set dressing with just a few clicks using mocha Pro 5 plug-in for Avid’s Remove and Insert tools. Ideal for when you need to change the feel or time period of your footage.

mocha Pro 5 Plug-In for Avid: Beauty Work with the Insert Tool

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Finishing artist Dan Harvey shows you how to create beauty work using the Insert Tool in the mocha Pro 5 Plug-in right inside your Avid timeline. Not all beauty work needs the Remove Tool, sometimes the best choice is using the Insert Tool instead to match motion blur. Learn how to set up fast and easy blemish replacement.

Quick Tutorial: Remove Objects with mocha Pro plug-in in After Effects

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Remove objects without manual clone and paint. In this 5 min tutorial, Imagineer Systems Product Specialist, Mary Poplin, shows how to use the mocha Pro plug-in’s Remove Module inside Adobe After Effects. This same basic remove technique can be used in the mocha Pro 5 standalone or plug-in on supported host apps.

The mocha Pro 5 plug-in is now supported on Adobe After Effects & Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer and OFX hosts: Nuke and Fusion.

For more advanced remove techniques and training, view these videos:

You can find a more thorough and in depth training on the Remove Module, watch these videos:


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