Webinar: Difficult Tracking Challenges. A mocha project breakdown.

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Product Specialist, Mary Poplin and Product Manager, Martin Brennand hosted this live webinar on Sept 25, 2014. Difficult Tracking Challenges in mocha. Covers Adjust Track, compositing with mocha, roto, mocha corner pin on screens, mocha tracking data, mocha 3D solver for NUKE and After Effects, and compositing tasks such as BG replacement and removing markers with offset and roto in AE and Nuke Software covered: mocha Pro, After Effects, mocha Import+, NUKE

mocha Pro 4 presentation at IBC 2014

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At IBC 2014, Imagineer Systems product manager, Martin Brennand demos the new mocha Pro 4 planar motion tracking and roto utility.

In this live trade-show presentation, we cover basics of planar tracking, roto, 3D camera solving, object removal and more.

Workflow covered in this video: Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro and NUKE. mocha Pro now supports, Adobe Premiere Pro masks.

mocha Pro 4 at IBC 2014 with Ben from CuriousTurtle.com

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At IBC 2014, guest presenter Ben Heusner demonstrated how the new mocha Pro 4 planar tracking and roto utility compliments Adobe After Effects, Premiere, Davinci Resolve and more. Watch for a special tip on exporting masks to Davinci Resolve to get 3 real time secondary color correctors based on mocha tracked roto-shapes.

For more of Ben Heusner’s Curious Turtle training videos go to: Training Videos

IBC 2014: Ross Shain, Imagineer CMO interview

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At the IBC 2014 conference and tradeshow Imagineer’s CMO, Ross Shain was interviewed about mocha and planar tracking innovation by host, Michael Artis.

Beauty Retouch in NUKE with SplineWarp+ and Stabilized Views

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In this mocha Pro and NUKE tutorial, Lars Wemmje explains how to create a stabilized pre-comp in NUKE using the MochaImport+ script.

To achieve this, he uses
mocha Pro
MochaImport+ for NUKE

The clip used in this tutorial is kindly provided by pond5


For more info, visit mamoworld.com

Basics of the Remove Module with mocha Pro – Part 01

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In this tutorial, Product Manager Martin Brennand takes you through the basics of the mocha Pro Remove Module and the setup of layers required to render out a remove.

This advanced tutorial is suitable for mocha Pro users and assumes that you already know the basics of planar tracking. If you are new to mocha Pro, we advise you first watch the mocha Fundamentals videos.
Part 2 coming soon!

Animated Cartoon Roto Shapes with mocha and After Effects

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In this short tutorial, Imagineer Systems Product Specialist, Mary Poplin, uses mocha to create animated roto-shapes to create a simplified and stylized animated look in Adobe After Effects. This workflow is basic, and uses simple mocha masks with After Effects filters and solids. Mary also shows you how to convert one selected layer with many mocha masks to separate layers, each with it’s own named mocha mask using an easily available free script from crgreen.com.

Software used:
mocha AE CC, mocha Plus or mocha Pro
Adobe After Effects

Script used:
Separate_Masks_in_Layers.jsx script for AE via crgreen.com

mocha Plus and After Effects project tutorial

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In this video, Mary Poplin from Imagineer Systems uses the mocha’s planar tracking tools for motion graphics and rotoscoping to compliment the Adobe After Effects workflow. Mary is using the brand new mocha Plus which includes Lens Distortion module and 3D Camera Solver.

This video was originally created by Yukito Komori for Flashback Japan. See the original video here: vimeo.com/100383254

For more information about mocha Plus:

Basics of tracking and masks with mocha Plus and Premiere Pro

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In this tutorial, Product Manager Martin Brennand takes you through the basics of tracking roto masks with mocha Plus. We then show how to used that tracked roto data inside Premiere Pro CC 2014.

This tutorial is suitable for both mocha Plus 4 and mocha Pro 4 users.

mocha Pro 4: Basics of Stereo 3D Tracking & Roto Part 2

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In part 2 of this tutorial, Product Manager Martin Brennand shows you how to track and roto with the new stereoscopic 3D tools in mocha Pro 4, and how to apply the resulting data in Nuke and After Effects.


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