“Make it Rain” with Boris FX and mocha AE

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In this simple After Effects tutorial, Imagineer System’s Mary Poplin shows you how to add realistic rain to a shot with plug-ins from Boris FX and mocha AE.

Uses the bundled mocha AE CC for planar tracking and masking + Boris Continuum Complete (BCC) Rain.

Footage courtesy of stockfootage.com

Tracking Masks: comparing Adobe’s Mask Tracker and mocha AE CC

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Adobe’s Create Cloud has a powerful tool called “Mask Tracker” that is used to animated masks with minimal effort. The Mask tracker is found in both Premiere Pro CC 2014 and After Effects CC 2014.

Also included in After Effects CC 2014 is mocha AE CC, a dedicated planar tracking and masking tool that is similar to the Mask Tracker, but adds extra functionality for keyframe control, linking tracks to masks and many advanced methods for overcoming the most difficult masking challenges with planar tracking.

In this feature comparison video, Imagineer Systems product specialist, Mary Poplin, covers some similarities and differences between the Mask Tracker effect and the bundled free mocha AE CC. Understanding when to turn to either tool will help users create visual effects with accuracy and time savings.

Footage courtesy stockfootage.com

Zero FX – American Hustle VFX Breakdown

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Boston based Zero FX, used mocha Pro to help complete the visual effects for this shot in American Hustle.

For more information: zerovfx.com

Webinar: Tracking Screens with mocha

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In this long form webinar, Product Manager Martin Brennand takes you through a variety of screen tracking scenarios using mocha AE and mocha Pro’s planar tracking tools. Most techniques shown are possible in all versions of mocha, with the exception of some Lens module and Insert render techniques.

Topics include:
- Screens that go offscreen
- Obstructions
- Tracking with little information
- Using AdjustTrack for tricky corners
- Shiny gadgets! (Reflections)
- Approaches to Lens Distortion

mocha Pro to Black Magic Fusion tracking and roto workflow

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Workflow for exporting mocha Pro’s planar tracking and roto data to Black Magic Fusion 7.

This video tutorial was created by VFX artist Steve Benjamin from Muse FX:

Footage clips provided courtesy of www.stockfootage.com

Webinar Replay: mocha for Beauty Work

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This 1.45 hr training webinar was recorded on Nov 12, 2014. Covers in-depth examples of using mocha’s planar tracked spline shapes for digital retouching and beauty work. Footage courtesy of: stockfootage.com Topics Covered:

  • Planar Tracking tips for tracking faces and skin
  • Linking Splines
  • Open Splines (requires mocha Pro 4.1 or mocha Plus 4.1)
  • Warping techniques for Adobe After Effects and NUKE users
  • Plug-ins for warping and morphing: Re:Flex from revisionfx.com
  • Stabilize Pre-Compose for paint and clean up with MochaImport+
  • Removing Blemishes and more

“Send to mocha” script for NUKE – Installation and Use

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In this short video we show you how to install and use a simple helper script to load footage from a NUKE read node into mocha Pro 4.x.

You can get the send to mocha script from the extras section of the website:


Open Splines and Beauty Work with mocha 4.1

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In this short video, Imagineer Systems Product Specialist, Mary Poplin, shows you how to use the new feature found in mocha 4.1 to create open splines, planar tracked strokes, and text paths.

Covers face warping with Re:Flex plug-in from Re:Vision FX for After Effects workflow and Spline Warp node in NUKE.

Footage Courtesy of Stockfootage.com

What’s New in mocha 4.1

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Imagineer Systems has a free new 4.1 update of mocha Plus and mocha Pro. In this quick video, Product Manager Martin Brennand takes you through the new features found in 4.1.

Features include:

  • Open Splines:You can now draw open splines by finishing with Shift+RightClick. These splines export to After Effects CC 2014 and Nuke
  • EXR 2.0: We now support EXR 2.0 multi-part files
  • Export to Nuke SplineWarp: We now export to the Spline Warp node so you don’t have to copy splines from Roto nodes to the effect
  • Export shape data to HitFilm 3 Pro: A new shape format for the upcoming Hitfilm 3 Pro
  • Save/Load 3D Solves: You can now save your solved 3d data to the project file
  • Additional 3D Camera Solver Result Improvements: You can now get more
  • consistently accurate results
  • Next/PreviousControlPointShortcuts: You can now cycle though spline points using the { and } keys
  • Python Initialization: We include an init.py file for running startup scripts. See the Python User Guide for more details
  • Python Updates: There are multiple additions to the Python API. See the Python Reference for more details.

Replacing Packs with CoreMelt TrackX powered by mocha

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TrackX powered by mocha is a powerful plug-in tool to enable FCP X editors to easily track and insert graphics and layers. Just draw a shape around the object you want to track and the Academy Award winning Mocha tracking engine will lock on and allow you to track text, do screen replacements, replace signs and more.

This tutorial shows you how to replace a pack in a shot by tracking in new artwork using TrackX powered by mocha. You might want to do this to avoid showing a brand logo or to make the logo and artwork more clear.

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