Webinar Replay: Object Removal with mocha Pro

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Basics of the Remove Module with mocha Pro – Part 03

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In this tutorial, Product Manager Martin Brennand takes you through how to handle backgrounds that have more than one plane in the mocha Pro object remove module. This tutorial is suitable for mocha Pro users. (Part 3 of 3)

Webinar Replay: mocha Clip Clinic

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Stumped by a difficult tracking situation?

This 1 hour training video tackles challenging clips submitted by users like you. Product Specialist Mary Poplin demonstrates the best methods to handle advanced tracking, roto, and object removes using mocha Pro.

Alkemy X – The Leftovers – Before/After VFX

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Visual Effects shot completed by Alkemy X for the HBO show, “The Leftovers” Season 1.

More information: alkemy-x.com

Audio Pro – Moved By Bass Since 1978 – Breakdown

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Breaking down the effects needed to make the actor’s dancing skills dramatically increase in this Audio Pro-commercial shot 2014. All digital effects by Patrik Janson , grading and production by Slutet är Nära.

mocha planar tracking and vfx training webinar (German Version)

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Diese einstündige Trainingssession mit Mathias Möhl von mamoworld.com wurde am 29. Januar 2015 aufgenommen.

Mathias behandelt Planares Tracking für Nutzer von Adobe After Effect, fortgeschrittene Workflows für Roto, Maskierung sowie MochaImport+, ein nützliches Skript, dass den Workflow zwischen mocha und AE vereinfacht.

MochaImport+ kaufen: aescripts.com/mochaimport/

Webinar Replay: Advanced Finishing in Resolve 11

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Blackmagic’s DaVinci Resolve 11 added powerful OFX plug-in support to increase editorial and finishing capabilities. Popular Resolve trainer and colorist Alexis Van Hurkman shows you how mocha Pro and Boris Continuum Complete (BCC) from Boris FX can be used to do complex finishing and visual effects directly within Resolve. Take your Resolve grading work to the next level of finishing and vfx!

Align Surface and Mismatched Resolutions

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Sometime users get confused when their track looks perfect in mocha, but their After Effects composite does not match. Often this is caused by a mismatch in image sizes or when your insert material is already scaled in position.

In this quick tutorial, Imagineer Systems Product Specialist, Mary Poplin, shows you how to trouble shoot and prep your track data using precomps, “align surface tool” and more.

Includes (4) different corner pinning techniques including importing tracking data directly into Adobe Premiere Pro via BCC corner pin.
Footage courtesy of stockfootage.com

“Make it Rain” with Boris FX and mocha AE

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In this simple After Effects tutorial, Imagineer System’s Mary Poplin shows you how to add realistic rain to a shot with plug-ins from Boris FX and mocha AE.

Uses the bundled mocha AE CC for planar tracking and masking + Boris Continuum Complete (BCC) Rain.

Footage courtesy of stockfootage.com

Tracking Masks: comparing Adobe’s Mask Tracker and mocha AE CC

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Adobe’s Create Cloud has a powerful tool called “Mask Tracker” that is used to animated masks with minimal effort. The Mask tracker is found in both Premiere Pro CC 2014 and After Effects CC 2014.

Also included in After Effects CC 2014 is mocha AE CC, a dedicated planar tracking and masking tool that is similar to the Mask Tracker, but adds extra functionality for keyframe control, linking tracks to masks and many advanced methods for overcoming the most difficult masking challenges with planar tracking.

In this feature comparison video, Imagineer Systems product specialist, Mary Poplin, covers some similarities and differences between the Mask Tracker effect and the bundled free mocha AE CC. Understanding when to turn to either tool will help users create visual effects with accuracy and time savings.

Footage courtesy stockfootage.com


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