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BLP VFX Hacks the Creative Process with mocha Pro

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360/VR Workflow Tutorial

Sneak peek at mocha Pro 5 plug-in

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VFX Wizardry on a YouTube Budget

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What is mocha?

mocha is the Academy Award winning "Planar Tracking" technology developed by Imagineer Systems. mocha is purposely designed to save time and solve difficult post-production problems. We also license our technology to industry partners such as Adobe, Quantel, FXhome and more. Please explore our site to learn about the amazing planar tracker and visual effects tools found in mocha.
"mocha provides robust planar–tracking even when there are no clearly defined points in the image. Its effectiveness and ease of use has resulted in widespread adoption in the VFX industry."

mocha Pro

New 4.1 point release! 

mocha Pro is the popular planar motion tracking and roto utility used by editors, colorists, effects artists and animators.

Whether solving tracks and match moves, cutting roto masks or fixing problematic footage; mocha Pro will dramatically save you time.

"mocha delivers solutions to problems that you did not even know existed."

mocha Pro 5 (temp)

New Release: mocha Pro 5 mocha Pro 5 is the newest version of our award-winning planar tracking and visual effects software. Major new features: GPU accelerated tracking, new plug-in options for Adobe, Avid and much more!
"mocha allows us to turn around quality work on a week by week basis."


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