Mocha Import+

MochaImport+ for NUKEProduct detail: A utility developed to enhance the data exchange between mocha Pro and NUKE.List Price: $123 USD

  • Easy import of mocha tracking data into various NUKE node types (Tracker, Roto, RotoPaint, GridWarp, Transform)
  • CornerPin node with build-in support for mocha lens data
  • The popular stabilized pre-comp workflow from MochaImport+ for After Effects is also available in MochaImport+ for NUKE
  • One click support for mocha 3D camera solver FBX format
  • Import 2D tracking, 3D Camera Solve, Lens Distortion Maps and Roto.

Developed by: Mamoworld

Distributed by: aescripts + aeplugins

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MochaImport+ for After EffectsProduct detail: An AE script developed to enhance the data exchange between mocha and After Effects. 

  • send clips and masks from Adobe After Effects to mocha
  • corner pin, move layers, stabilized precomps, advanced stabilizations and more

Apply your Tracking Data: mochaImport+ supports a variety of tasks from corner pin and movement of layers to stabilizing shaky footage. Even complex rigs for stabilized precomps and image stabilization can be created with just one click.

Compatibility: After Effects CS3 - CS6 & CC. mocha AE, mocha Plus and mocha Pro

Developed by: Mamoworld

Distributed by: aescripts + aeplugins


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