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Imagineer licenses and bundles our technology to partners Adobe, FXhome, CoreMelt and more. Here you can learn about the bundled versions of mocha (such as mocha AE CC) and more 3rd party utilities and plug-ins.

    • CoreMelt: SliceX / TrackX / DriveX

      Imagineer has partnered with plug-in developer, CoreMelt to deliver powerful planar tracking and roto-masking functionality to the Final Cut Pro X users.  “TrackX really fills a nice hole in FCP X’s power and is a tool that every FCP X editor will want at their fingertips“ - Oliver Peters Digital Films Blog Compatibility: Final Cut Pro X. Price: Only $199! Purchase Now

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    • mocha AE (Adobe CC)

      mocha AE CC is licensed by Adobe and ships free inside After Effects Creative Cloud. This bundled version is launched from within After Effects and features a powerful workflow for tracking and masking. “Send” clips to mocha AE CC, then copy and paste multi-layered masks and tracking directly to After Effects.

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    • mocha HitFilm

      mocha HitFilm is licensed by FXHOME and ships free inside HitFilm Pro 2017. This free version is launched from within HitFilm and is used for 3D camera solving, using the unique Planar Tracking approach from Imagineer Systems. Send clips directly from HitFilm Pro to mocha HitFilm for quick and accurate 3D camera solving and masking using

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    • Mocha Import+

      Mamoworld creates affordable utilities that enhance the workflow between mocha and other VFX applications. Features a popular “stabilize pre-comp” workflow for compositing functions. Available for Adobe After Effects and The Foundry’s NUKE.

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    • MochaBlend for C4D

      MochaBlend C4D is a 3rd party plug-in developed to import mocha planar tracking and roto data into Maxon C4D.

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